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Craig A. Atkinson craig.atkinson at lexmerca.com
Wed Nov 3 02:40:20 CET 2021

Hi All,

Craig Atkinson here, incoming Co-chair for the Xalgo4Trade Working Group.

The Xalgo4Trade Community Group / Working Group has its own e-mail list
that you can subscribe to here:

Substantive discussions on use cases for transactional trade rules (eg both
public laws for compliance/preference utilization and private rules that
are directly involved in cross-border trade transactions) will be soon
begin via this channel.



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> Until now we have not used this email list, but substantive discussion
> across organizational boundaries will benefit if we shift substantive
> conversations here.
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> For task management and informal document sharing, we're moving to:
> https://xalgorithms.redminepro.net/
> Source code and formal document management remains at:
> https://gitlab.com/xalgorithms-alliance
> Online meetings remain at https://meet.jit.si/xalgorithms
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